Daniel Treep

Field Peas

Growing field peas in an aquaponics greenhouse

Although our shade cloth can cool the greenhouse on hot days, it is still nice to have some complete shade inside. We have created some extra shade by just using some string and field peas.


Field pea - The field pea we are growing is called a 'blue schokker'

We have sowed the field peas on the north side of our top growbeds. From there we have stretched some strings diagonally and helped the plant to grow along these. This way, we have some extra plants without them taking sunlight of other plants.


Greenhouse in june - The greenhouse on a day in june. Note how the peas are growing away from the growbeds.

The field peas actually provide some real shade on our working space and add to the pleasant atmosphere in the greenhouse. Furthermore, every now and then they make a tasty and healthy addition to our lunch.


Eminent visitors in the greenhouse - Eberhard van der Laan, mayor of Amsterdam, meeting with Peter Oei, initiator of the GreenNest gallery, underneath the field peas in the greenhouse

Right now we are investigating whether we can find some climbing plants for autumn and winter that will then be able to serve as insulation, whilst maintaining the nice atmosphere in the greenhouse.