Acte Kobe

An International Artist's Network based in Kobe Japan and Marseilles France

The earthquake in Kobe on January 17, 1995 brought not only terrible loss but also inspired an international artists network which has grown into the future. The Acte Kobe was an artists network, and a movement to create a new idea of arts and society through cultural exchanges among the artists in Japan and France. Acte Kobe Japan formally established in 1997 remained active for 10 years and helped C.A.P. and Kobe to develop expertise in hosting foreign visitors and supporting diverse project in contemporary visual arts, music and dance.


Acte Kobe at CAP HOUSE - Image taken from their website

Heavily connected to Marseilles, France and their support network to get them off the ground as an organisation, Acte Kobe has made many significant contributions to the rebuilding of the cultural environment in Kobe. They partnered with many other groups such as the CAP HOUSE, KAVC and others. The group has more or less disbanded at this point, but many of their players are still in working for more cultural and artistic rejuvenation in Kobe and beyond.
Check their website for names of people that were in the group that are still around.

Source: 7a. Biglobe.