Alexandra Yakovleva (BR)

How we tamed the clay

Designing ceramical letters

Do you feel fundamentally lonely? Is there room/space for imagination in your work? If you are struggling to make life related questions as these ones, ask a member of our team to help you with this! Because, this weekend we really became experts in making philosophical questions out of clay and also, we “translated” them from the words of Camiel van Winkel to a more general language.


experiment with clay! -

Now, every visitor that will come to our event at Mediamatic on the 16t of April will be able to evaluate the creative design of our installations in a form of questions and of course, answer them to find out what artist he/she would be.

The idea is to put these clay questions in the pavement, so they will integrate with the surrounding and will become a part of the beautiful public garden that we are building.

Are you curious?

Have a look at some ideas we came up with!