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Bierberaad 04: Willem van Waesberghe, Herman Beeke, Teun Castelein & Henriëtte Waal, Andreas Giel, Eric Nordin

9 jan 2015

Bierberaad talks beer, yeasts, flavors and fermentation. From big beers and fancy processes to fanatical hobby brewers and their concoctions. This edition we invite you for a beer questionnaire with Heineken's Global Head Brewer Willem van Waesberghe. Does his beer-ideology differ from hobby brewers like Herman Beeke, small independent companies like Butchers Tears and Naeckte Brouwers or radical artist brewers like Teun Castelein from Halbe? You can ask them yourself.

Further more we line-up 2 variants of Bokbier and Naeckte Non for a comparative tasting and take a little de-tour with story and apple ciders from Andreas Giel. Plus a winter treat by Eric Nordin, a.k.a. The Butcher.

This event is curated by Henriette Waal.

Preceding the Bierberaad you are welcome for the Hard Hat New Years Reception.

Please note that we moved to a new location on Dijksgracht 6!


Andreas Giel and his Cider - Andres Ciel explaining about his Dutch apple cider during Bierberaad. Malcolm Kratz


Willem van Waesberghe - Heineken
No beer is developed without proper research. No matter how big or small the company, it's always a matter of flavor, analytics, yeast, fermentation, microbiology and wort production. At Heineken there are no less then 120 researchers doing just that! Willem van Waesberghe is their Global Head Brewer and Research & Analysis Director. During the Q&A you get the chance to personally turn this man inside out with questions.


Portrait of Willem van Waesberghe - The Head brewer of Heineken explaining about his profession during Bierberaad. Malcolm Kratz


Willem van Waesberghe, head brewer - Willem van Waesberghe was invited to Bierberaad to speak about the 'secrets' of the Heineken pils. Malcolm Kratz

Michel Lagrand & Ab van der Veen - Naeckte Brouwers
‘Naeckte’ means ‘naked’, which does not mean naked in the sense of ‘nude’. With ‘Naeckte’ the brewers want to address the purity and honesty with which their beers are brewed. Started of as hobby brewers, Michel Lagrand and Ab van der Veen now opened their own brewery in Amstelveen. The secret of their way of brewing is the use of natural ingredients and balanced taste.


A selection of Naeckte Brouwers Beers - The Naeckte Brouwers tell Henriette Waal about their infected beer: The Naeckte Non. Malcolm Kratz

Teun Castelein - Halbe Beer
Halbe is an odd beer amongst the special beers. Teun Castelein did not start this project as his childhood dream but as a response to the cutbacks in the cultural sector. Halbe brewery dedicates their beer to art. With every sold Halbe beer they help an upcoming artist. The idealistic blond beer is not only supporting, the beer is brewed, designed and sold by artists. Collective beer drinking can be combined with an idealistic dream.


Teun Castelijn the Halbe man. - Teun is inviting the audience at Bierberaad to send in their artistic beer proposals for a new Halbe project. Malcolm Kratz


Halbe - Malcolm Kratz

Eric Nordin - a.k.a. The Butcher from Butchers Tears
The Butcher, Eric Nordin is one of the founders of brewery Butchers Tears a popular brewery and hotspot in the South of Amsterdam. They choose to instal a tasting room next to their brewery in order to create "a place where "a place where art, science and magic can work together upon the four elements to create the liquid in which joy and madness dwells."

Herman Beeke
Hobby brewer and beer judge Herman Beeke is a member of the brewery community ‘De Roerstok’. Together with David Henrich he developed a beer especially designed for the city of Eindhoven: Eindhovens Blond. Tonight he will dive into the history of the Bokbier.


Grabbing a beer at Bierberaad - Tasting and listening to interesting beer stories at Bierberaad. Malcolm Kratz


Tasting beers, tastes differ - Malcolm Kratz

Andreas Giel - Cidergiel
With lots of sun, rain and hardly any frost, 2014 was a great year for the Dutch apple. You might not know it but the Netherlands produce 400000 tons of apples each year. Most of these are exported a broad, but a small amount ends up in the apple ciders of Andreas Giel, a.k.a. cidergiel. His current batch is fermenting as we speak and will be ready in spring 2015.


Cider Giel and his fascination for the Apple - Andres Giel creates cider from Dutch Apples. At Bierberaad we got to taste this delicious treat. Malcolm Kratz


De Naeckte Non
Are you able to taste whether a beer is infected or not? The Naeckte Brouwers bring two versions of their Naeckte Non. One infected and one perfectly brewed variant. Will an infection alter the taste and in what way? Can you still taste the soft caramel tones for instance? Join in their comparative tasting.

The idealistic Halbe beer is characterized as a bittersweet blond beer (around 6% vol.). The taste is open but cheeky, smells sweet but has a fresh bitter aftertaste.

Bok bier
Bok beer is a popular seasonal beer between October and February. The name ‘bok beer’ is a degeneration of ‘Einbecker bier’ from the German region of origin, Beieren. Though it has also been said that the name has something to do with the Germanic god, Donar, who was half human and half goat (bok). Herman Beeke will explain more about this special beer, its ingredients, the difference between bottom and top fermented bok beer and the difference between hobby and commercial bok beer.

Butcher’s surprise beer!
Eric will also bring a surprising new home-brewed Butchers beer along to taste for the audience. Expect something new, exotic and winterly.


Grabbing a beer at Bierberaad - Tasting and listening to interesting beer stories at Bierberaad. Malcolm Kratz

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Friday 9 January
Talks start at 20:00
Biotoop Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

Tickets: €12,50 (incl. membership)
Note: tasting is only accessible with a valid membership


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