Biotalk 06 - with Bart Vandeput and Katharina Unger

15 jan 2015

What if we could eat from our own waste? Would you dare to eat plastic eating fungi, or would you rather try a digestible solar cell? At Biotalk: Digestopians, we look into the future of food and comestible experiences with artist Bart Vandeput, a.k.a. Bartaku, and designer Katharina Unger from Livin Studio. Are they able to alter your predefined notions on what is edible or not?

Find out at Biotalk, our monthly lecture series with leading figures in the field of Bio Art, Science and Design. Food at 19:00, Talks at 20:00.


Could you eat the sun? - Edible solar cells by Bartaku Bartaku

Bart Vandeput

Could you eat the sun? And what would it taste like? With the temporary photo-electric Digestopians (or the undisclosed Poésis of the photovoltaic effect) Bart Vandeput tries to figure this out. This public experiment, in which the sun is caught and translated into electricity via a digestible solar cell, is an experience for the tongue and a new take on eating. For his artistic research Bart (Bartaku) investigates and explores the combination of food, craft and science, often looking for new ways to approach energy, edible and compostable materials.



Katharina Unger

Studio Livin won the Bio Art & Design award 2014 with an installation that cultivates edible fungi while digesting plastic as it grows. Fungi Mutarium could be able to break down 280 million tons of annual plastic waste while producing an edible food product. The installation consists of two separate domes, one for the fungi nursery and one growth sphere where the fungi can grow and break down plastic placed in agar pods. When the process is done, the content of the pod is turned into edible fungi. Katharina Unger has a strong focus on sustainability in her projects. One of Katharina Unger's previous projects was an insect breeding farm, Farm432, that grows your own protein source at home as a replacement for the current meat production.


Eating black soldier fly larva granola! -


Granola -


Biotalk: Digestopians
Thursday Januari 15
Fish Soup at 19:00, Talks at 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €8,50 (incl. Mediamatic Membership)

Previously at Biotalk

How to visualize that, what is to small for the eye to see? Can fungi digest plastic?
How do micro-organisms exchange resources with the environment? Is it possible to grow architecture? And how will designing with organisms change our perspective on art, design, food and beer? These are just a couple of questions we tried to answer in the past editions of Biotalks.

Previous speakers: Jalila Essaïdi, Jonas Edvard, Maurizio Montalti from Officina Corpuscoli, Suzanne van Beest, Ivan Henriques, Bernelle Verster, Phil Ross, Toby Kiers, Zeger Reijers, Matthew D. Whiteside, Spela Petrič


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