Niklaus Mettler

Perfumer, Art director and Aroma Lab Team


Portrait of Niklaus Mettler - Niklaus Mettler

Niklaus Mettler is a perfumer and art director who works with scent in a variety of contexts. He has worked with artists from different fields and established his own line of perfumes. His brand In’n’out Fragrances stands for a deliberate focus on socially incorrect perfume inspired by man-made places and materials of daily life.

For Mediamatic Niklaus created Filtered Beans, for which he extracted the flavors of three different coffee blends he found around Amsterdam. The perfume was developed for our sensuous game around city planning; Het Parfum in 2018.

From 2019 till 2021 he reestablished and maintained the Aroma Lab together with perfumer Frank Bloem and initiated a series of workshops for designing incense.

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  • Niklaus Mettler

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