Kevin Breed

The dating chronicles

Confessions of a dating researcher

Since february I started doing research on Mediamatics datingsite. Perhaps you noticed me if you are working at Mediamatic. I'm that guy doing something, or some things hidden behind his screen, working in the exhibition space in a short while. But what the hell is he doing there? Flirting with mediamatic styled girls? Counting the number of profiles every day? Updating his dating profiles? Or is he just staring at his screen, waiting for his muse stepping into the office? Well, maybe I must confess I'm guilty of it all. But instead of keeping it hidden at my screen I want to offer everybody a look at it.


Augustine and Milton - Made by rachelfordjames - found on flickr: Kevin Breed

So enter the dating chronicles. When this project is over it will contain a set of articles about the dating site as well as some personal date experiences. It will offer a window onto the world of online dating at Mediamatic. It will tell a story. But that is still somewhere in the future, something that will be but isn't yet here.

What is here already, is the first article I wrote about the datingsite: "Mediamating Dating: mooi & innovatief?" (unfortunatly for english readers I wrote it in dutch). I will use this article as starting point, as well as the notes I've already taken sofar. Please feel free to comment on anything (even my abuse of english).

An oversight of all the containing articles can be found on the dating chronicles overview page.