Tanja Baudoin

...And so the story ends

A happy ending: the result of Kevin’s research on the Mediamatic Dating site

From February to July 2009 Kevin Breed conducted a research of Mediamatic's Dating site. Kevin approached the Dating site both as a work of art and as a research tool to investigate its relation to the arts sector.

His central question was: “How is Mediamatics dating service, as a work of art, forcing its users to reconsider their perceptions and preconceptions of their contemporary surroundings, and capable of seriously researching the social challenges of the arts and heritage sector?”

Read his conclusions in the pdf below - a contribution to the Dating site in the form of theoretical analysis and reflection.


A happy ending for love - Image from Animations USA.


Kevin is now working on his master thesis, about the constitution of self understanding in online dating. Follow him on his blog here. Read here how it all began for Kevin at Mediamatic.