Mediamatic 2010

In 2010, the presentation of the first Arabic travel guide of the Netherlands, "Noord" and the first edition of Ignite Amsterdam. Beside this, presentations were held, workshops were given and exhibitions were organised.

Bardot Proviant Klub

On January the 16th the opening of the exhibition Bardot Proviant Klub takes place, in which the work of photographer Anya van Lit and Joost Bottema is shown. Photographer Anya van Lit and author Joost Bottema traveled through Greenland and documented their journey. Through photography, video, interviews and more, they tell us about the changing environment and traditions they discovered in Greenland. The Bardot exhibition also presents sewing workshops, cooking experiments, lectures about hypocrisy and performances symbolising the Greenlandic seal.


Bezoekers bekijken de tentoonstelling Bardot Proviant Klub - Bardot Proviant Klub, 16 januari tot 28 februari 2010 bij Mediamatic: de tentoonstelling Bardot Proviant Klub toont werk van fotografe Anya van Lit en Joost Bottema over Groenland. Met prachtige landschappen, portretten en video's door Anya waarin de Inuit bevolking aan het woord komt. Raphael Rehbach

During the opening of the Bardot Proviant Klub seal meat is served to friends and members of the Proviant Klub. The dining room is designed by DUS Architects. William also a vegetarian Quorn is at the bar. Artist Abner Preis gives a performance, and Seamus Cater and Viljam Nybacka act with Greenlandic songs. You can create Eskimo slippers and the Bardot Cinematheek is open. DJ Katja 'Inuit' Novi provides Brigitte Bardot- and Greenland sounds.


The Seal Supper - Taken at the opening of the Bardot Proviant Klub exhibition, from 16 January - 28 February 2010 at Mediamatic. Opening Bardot Proviant Club, 16 januari 2010 16 januari 2010: tijdens de Opening van de Bardot Proviant Klub werd zeehondenvlees geserveerd aan vrienden van leden van de Proviant Klub in een door DUS Architecten speciaal ontworpen eetkamer. Voor andere bezoekers maakte Willem vegetarische Quorn aan de bar. Raphael Rehbach

Pecha Kucha Night

After four successful evenings in 2009, Pecha Kucha Night Amsterdam takes place again at Mediamatic in 2010. On this sold out evening Brian Kersbergen, Corriette Schoenaerts and Dre Urhahn amongst others present their work using 20 slides that are shown every 20 seconds.


Het publiek wacht tot de presentaties beginnen - Taken at Pecha Kucha Night Amsterdam #12 at Mediamatic. Pecha Kucha Night, 20 januari 2010, Mediamatic Bank Raphael Rehbach

Arduino Workshop

On January the 22th, the 28th and February 5th Mediamatic organizes three Arduino Basics workshops. Trainer Ubi de Feo teaches participants all the basics of the Arduino board: a small platform with which you can create interactive objects.


Deelnemers knutselen tijdens de Arduino Basics Workshop aan hun eigen board - Taken at Arduino Basics Workshop, January 22nd 2010 at Mediamatic. Raphael Rehbach

Counter Campaigning

As part of the project "Sunshine is the best disinfectant" Mediamatic is organizing a workshop and a salon. In this project design collective Foundland and Eutopia Institute research the imagery of political campaigns. Statements by right-wing populists are processed to a new message. The results of the Counter-Campaigning workshop can be seen on the billboard at the Vijzelstraat, near the Prinsengracht.


'Sunshine is the best disinfectant'. - Upcoming poster campaign in Feb 2010 Foundland

The Great Jerry Springer Rodeo

On March 12th The Great Jerry Springer Rodeo. A bizarre carnival of art excesses, emerged from insane, extreme and sexually explicit television. The collection of artists consisted of graphic designers, illustrators and cartoonists, including Wayne Horse, Ottograph, SjocoSjon and Lamelos. The exhibition is organized by SjocoSjon, SFFRMKRS and Mediamatic and lasts until April 25th. In the context of this exhibition Mediamatic organize four creative workshops, where participants draw comics and customize their t-shirts and sneakers.


The Great Jerry Springer Massacre art installation by SjocoSjon - Picture taken at opening The Great Jerry Springer Rodeo by Arthur de Smidt

Disco Robot Workshop

During the Disco Robot workshop, led by Ralf Schreiber and Christian Faubel on the 9th and the 10th of April, participants create in one and a half day robots that can move independently. The first day is devoted to art, the second day to aesthetics. At the same time another group of enthusiasts are crafting robot masks together. Afterwards a mini disco party takes place, and are the robot and maker dancing in meatspace together.


Sinds 2006 geven Ralf Schreiber en Christian Faubel robot workshops bij Mediamatic. - Arden de Raaij

Music Hack Days

On the 24th and 25th of April Mediamatic organizes Music Hack Days. This week the participants will explore not only the latest music applications - they themselves built it. A weekend packed hacking, in which participants develop concepts, build applications and finally present them. Music, software, hardware, art and the web come together.


Deelnemers tijdens Music Hack Day - Deborah M. Kōdō

Sur Place

As a precursor to the Sur Place exhibition, and as a counterpart to the Giro, Mediamatic organises on May the 1th a 24 Hour Race. On 6:30 pm fifty-five bicycle couriers and other cycling enthusiasts at Mediamatic Bank will part off. Eleven will go back. Along the way they register themselves at different checkpoints, where their ikTag automatically upload a photo or status update to the website.


Deelnemers staan klaar om de 24 Hour Race te starten - De deelnemers zien er (nu nog) fris en fruitig uit. Willem Velthoven

Sur Place is an exhibition on urban bike culture. In collaboration with messengers, collectors, and other cycling enthusiasts Mediamatic has an extensive collection of bikes, head badges and biking crash portraits constructed. Visitors can bicycle on the bike path created by DUS Architects at Mediamatic Bank. Mediamatic also works with the Bicycle Film Festival to organize workshops, performances, film screenings and exhibitions.


Op de fietsbaan van DUS Architects tijdens de opening van Sur Place op 8 mei - Picture made by EHVFXD

To conclude Sur Place a weekend full of fireworks, cycling, music and fashion. The MeBike World Championships or Dream Bikes will take place, as well as the book launch of Subbacultcha! and the After Midnight exhibition. Milena Heussler and Girls on Bike provide for two fashion performances and the DUS Architects bike path can only be ridden once more.


13-08-2010 The winner of the MeBike dream bike - MeBike & After Midnight - THE WINNING BIKE made during MeBike 2010 at Mediamatic Bank. MeBike was part of the final Sur Place party. Picture by Attilio Brancaccio. 14 August 2010. We celebrated the final week of Sur Place with the MeBike world championship of dream bicycles, fashion performances by Milena Heussler and Girls on Bikes, and the Subbacultcha! After Midnight party and book launch.

Map Fest

On the 6th, the 7th and the 9th of July Map Fest 2010 location takes place: three nights with the theme 'mapping'. The first evening is dedicated to Mapping for Change. This covers projects of international and local artists who use mapping to bring about a change, or to broach difficult issues. The second evening is dedicated to Mapping for Clarity, where the focus is on data visualisation. The last night is the first Ignite Amsterdam: fifteen presentations of five minutes.


Het publiek luistert naar Malkit Shoshan tijdens dag 1 van Map Fest. - Presentation by Malkit Shoshan during the first night of Map Fest 2010, 'Mapping for Change'. Malkit talked about the Atlas of the Conflict Israel - Palestine, a publication in which she maps the processes and mechanisms behind the rise of the Israeli state over the past 100 years. Map Fest took place on July 6, 8 and 9 at Mediamatic Bank. 6, 7 en 9 juli 2010: Andreas Conradi

Ignite Amsterdam

In 2010 Mediamatic starts with organizing the Amsterdam edition of Ignite evenings. These evenings take place all over the world. The concept is simple: the speakers have five minutes to present their idea. They do this by means of twenty slides that automatically flush after 15 seconds. Ignite provides a platform for locals to meet offline and thus builds and develops local networks.


Jan Rothuizen presenteert tijdens Ignite Amsterdam #1 - Jan Rothuizen presenting at Ignite Amsterdam #1. Map Fest evening 3. Mediamatic Bank. July 9, 2010. 9 juli Bas van den Broeke


Noord is an international art project about Amsterdam-Noord. The district is the Netherlands in miniature: a synecdoche. Undetected, and therefore one of the most exciting locations in the country. International and local artists bring map out Noord. The result is an exhibition that will open on September 10th at Mediamatic Bank and the first Arabic travel guide of the Netherlands, sent with the Parool.


‘Noordelijk Character(istics)’ door Ganzeer - Slidable installation made by Ganzeer. Robert Keil

With: Abel

The first Arabic travel guide of the Netherlands is bilingual (Arabic - Dutch) and is sent with Het Parool on Friday 10th of September. Copies are also available at Mediamatic Bank. The guide includes practical tips and tricks about Noord, stories, essays and art work from the artists.


10-09-2010 the first Arabic travel guide of the Netherlands - In the summer of 2010 22 artists worked with Mediamatic on mapping Amsterdam Noord. This resulted in the first Arabic travel guide of the Netherlands and an exhibition. The travel guide was sent along with Het Parool on 10 September. Copies are also available from the Mediamatic Bank. 

Wietske Maas wonders what the edible uniqueness is of Amsterdam. After an expedition on October 8th, where the ingredients are gathered for the feast, one can come to eat at Mediamatic Bank during Stomach as Compass.


Een smakelijk slakken hapje gemaakt van verse ingrediënten uit Amsterdam-Noord - Robert Keil

On November 17th, the National Museum launches community site Mediamatic Lab develops the site that is part of the Dutch network INNL stories. With INNL network the Dutch write their own history in collaborating fashion. Anyone can create a profile and contribute to the collective experience of the Dutch history. The website support contributions in different forms; stories, audio clips, pictures and film. Users can add geographical and chronological information to their contribution. For example, events are being linked to the place where they occurred, and are the historical relationship between events shown. The Museums and the Web 2011 conference in Philadelphia has won the Best of the Web Award.


Screenshot -

This year, from the 18th till the 23th of November the Dev Camp is being organised in Mediamatic Bank. More than thirty national and international hackers, software developers, designers and builders working during Dev Camp '10 on seven new interactive installations. The theme of this edition is ikSentric and an emphasis on human interaction. The installations made will be presented by Sensor Fest and Arcade.


IkSentric—Dev Camp Team -

Sensor Fest

Dev Camp installations will be presented during the Sensor Fest the 23th, the 24th and the 25th of November. The Sensor Fest highlights the latest developments in the field of sensors. Sensors are being deployed in the creative sector aswell as in the medical world, new media, agriculture, automation and the government. What can sensors tell us about ourselves and the world?


18-11-2010 ikStaar installation - Dev Camp ’10 - Luis and Seth are staring on each other, the ikStaar installation can measure who looses the eye contact first. The ikStaar was developed during Dev Camp 2010 at Mediamatic Bank, Amsterdam. The glue with the blue glasses is Luis, one of the developers. Sensor Fest, 23 t/m 25 november 2010. This year's theme is 'IkSentric' design. The idea is to measure human behavior and human 'output'. Think along the lines of bio-mapping, or measuring weight and length. But we can go a bit deeper as well, and… Robert Keil


Mediamatic is for nearly four months an Arcade hall. There is a growing collection of old and new games to find, consisting of five levels. Level 2 is that of the arcade cabinet, and will be opened on December the 18th. The 22 classic and modern arcade cabinets passed the baptism of fire with skill and get there, unlike some gamers, unscathed. Japanese sit-down machines stand next to the classics such as Mortal Kombat and Dance Dance Revolution.


18-12-2010 Bezoekers spelen bij Arcade - Mediamatic served as Arcade arcade for almost 4 months. The collection of old and new games consisted of interactive installations, arcade video games, computer games and handhelds. Arcade is a growing collection of old and new games, consisting of 5 levels. The collection included two brand new games, which could be played at Mediamatic for the first time. There were vintage game consoles from Atari, Commodore and Sega, but also new consoles like the Xbox Kinect and Playstation 3, 3D. Mar-Ina Uhrig