Opening Ruilen [rœylə(n)]

Be kind, but play hard.

20 Oct 2012

(Un)usual exchange with the Beambtenbar, an exchange-masseur and DJ's Miss Fina & Toby Paul. A tintillating book? Homemade chutney? Visitors checked their exchange-products in at the door. (You'll need your OV-chipkaart for this.) If you arrived empty-handed we couldn't guarantee you were leaving with both socks - swapping was mandatory. Underhand exchange was illegal and encouraged. Click here for the list of categories you can exchange in.


Visitors at the opening of Ruilen - Aleksandra Kalashnikova


A dozen shelves lined the walls of Mediamatic Fabriek, filled with your unwanted things and future belongings. Just gone through a messy break-up and wanted to exchange your 100 best vegetarian meals for How to prepare the perfect steak? You could find it in the Cookbook department. When you checked in your belongings at the door, you received a voucher you could exchange for a product in the same category. You could make an immediate swap, or come back later for a cookbook that really made your stomach rumble.


Looking for accesories to swap - At the opening of Ruilen. Aleksandra Kalashnikova

The Beambtenbar (lower civil servants bar) turns ordering a beer into an administrative happening. After you've bought a bag of colored tokens, you'll need to exchange your tokens with others to get the right combination that will allow you to order the drink you're craving. A beer requires four blue and two red tokens, a glass of wine three blue and three green ones.

Those who were tickled by whiffs of frustration could make a deal with the exchange-masseur and receive a nice relaxing massage.


SWAPUPSHOP at Ruilen - Aleksandra Kalashnikova

More information

Ruilen was an exhibition and series of events from October 20 to January 6. Open Wednesday through Sunday from 14.00 to 19.00. Entrance: €5,- for a month membership. Kids half price. Entrance in exchange for a chore was also a possibility.