New Year's reception

Hello to the New Year

10 Jan 2019

New year, new flavours, new art! Join us for the first activity of the year to celebrate the new year with experimental drinks and experience the most exciting artworks in the dark



Serving prosecco at the New Years Reception - Tia Torok

With: Maria Bacila

Invisible Collection

Step by during our New Year's reception to listen to our newest additions to our Invisible Collection.  Different speakers will bring live podcasts of their favourite artworks. The Invisible Collection is a collection of auditory descriptions of visual artworks, described by art connoisseurs like Peter VandermeerschDirk van WeeldenValentijn ByvanckCharles EscheZeger Reyers and Wim Pijbes. Every speaker has selected an artwork and described their personal experience of this piece. What do they feel, smell, fantasize about or hear thinking about this particular piece? Close your eyes and open yourself up for this unique art experience!

Cabbage Mining

Join us to dig up last year's fermented cabbage with Christian Weij and listen to the story behind this nutritious crop. 

The Taste of the Elder: Berries

After our new year's reception, the third taste-and-test evening of our elderberry series starts. Come and taste the newest beer and celebrate the new year! More information about the event and tickets can be found here


Mediamatic New Year's Reception
Thursday 10 January 2019
Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam