Design your own Shroud

with Susanne Duijvestein

19 Sep 2021

Ever thought about what you will wear when you're dead? In the past it was customary in the Netherlands to make your own death shroud and keep it in your linen closet because you never know. Although this tradition has passed, the shroud has reappeared in our 21st century as a more sustainable alternative to the coffin.

In this workshop, progressive funeral director Susanne Duijvestein invites you to dive into this old tradition, to actively think about the natural cycle of life and death, and to start designing your own burial shroud.

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Susanne is always there to give the best advice - Filippo Iannone

What you will do

First, Susanne Duijvestein will introduce you to the tradition of the burial shroud, including its meaning and practicalities in Dutch culture. Then you will start to create your own shroud from a natural fabric and treat it with organic materials. The idea is that you make a start with your shroud, and bring it back home to continue working on it.

Susanne Duijvestein

As an independent funeral director with a love of nature and a keen eye for aesthetics and ethics, Susanne is making a difference in the funeral world. Her mission is to talk more with each other about death, and our own nature. She reflects on how we relate to impermanence and advocates for a more sustainable and personal farewell. Susanne is also curator of the Nature Morte program at Mediamatic.


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19th of September, 13:30-17:00
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Attendance limited to 8 people. We maintain a minimum of 5 participants.
Please note that, unless everyone speaks Dutch, this workshop will be held in English.
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