Weekend of Science

Open for kids

2 Oct 2021
3 Oct 2021

Get green fingers in our garden and discover the natural treasures hidden around Mediamatic. From exploring intriguing plants in Aquaponics to a live reading about the six-winged chicken: come by!


Collaborating with Ernst Haeckel and Adolf Glitsch - Sadhbh O'Donnell

Programme on October 2nd

11:00 - 16:00 Haeckel Hunt 
11:00 - 16:00 Sowing Doubt
11:00 - 16:00 Ernst Haeckel Colouring
14:00 Observational Plant Drawing

Programme on October 3rd

11:00 - 16:00 Haeckel Hunt
11:00 - 16:00 Sowing Doubt
11:00 - 16:00 Ernst Haeckel Colouring

15:00 Anne Kamps reads

Haeckel Hunt - Collect them all!

More than a century ago, biologist Ernst Haeckel and lithographer Adolf Giltch scored a hit with illustrations of the beautiful structures and shapes of micro-organisms, which you normally cannot see with the naked eye. In the book Kunstformen der Natur, they published 100 plates with beautiful drawings of mainly the smallest underwater creatures. We have spread the figures from these plates on boards around the Oosterdok.

Can you find them all? Take a walk in the area and track them down. Have you found a figure? Scan it with the app to catch it and admire it. If you have found them all, a prize awaits you in our restaurant...

Sowing Doubt - Plant and paste seeds

Are you living your dream? Do you strive to push your limits? Do you believe in the idea of genius? Are you patient? Do you want to change the world? Help us plant the seeds and plant your answers in the earth.

Ernst Haeckel Colouring 

To see the beauty of Erst Haeckels art inspired by science, take the time to colour in this naturalist's original illustrations of microscopic life. Celebrate these illustrations by bringing them from black and white to making your own colourful creations!

Special open tour 

Join us on an exciting sensory experience in our aquaponics greenhouse, where you can touch, taste and smell the variety of plants that we grow at Mediamatic. In addition to the greenhouse, we will also learn about all the other installations such as our pigeon towers and Aroma Lab as part of our tour. 

Do you want to explore your senses with us? Come join our open tour!

Observational Plant Drawing

Have you ever taken time to really look at what your favorite plant looks like upclose? Do you want to learn more about them? 

On Saturday at 2 o'clock, come pick a plant you love in the beautiful Mediamatic gardens, take your time to observe its shape, colour and unique details and draw it!

Anne Kamps reads from The Six Winged Chicken

Where does the meat we eat actually come from? On what scale is it produced? And, what is real news and what is fake news?

A few years ago, the phenomenon of the Six Winged Chicken popped up on the internet. For a while, it seemed to exist. Several media wrote about it and images of six-winged chickens popped up on the internet. Whether this fabulous creature really exists is still not entirely clear...

Anne Kamps will read from her book on Sunday at 3 o'clock. Browse through this large edition of the book at Mediamatic and let the animals come to you.

Pizza & Drinks

After the day of science and learning, you are more than welcome to stay for some vegan pizza made in our clay brick oven, along with a cold drink.