Building Aquaponic Systems

with Saro van Cleynenbreugel

28 Aug 2022

Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines the cultivation of vegetables and fish. It is one of the best ways to produce food in the city, because it hardly takes up any space. It is also a water efficient method of produce. As the fish excrement feeds the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish, not a drop of water is wasted. In this workshop, you will learn how to build a miniponics system, a miniature, home-edition of the bigger aquaponics towers.

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Participant admiring their finished aquaponic system - Caroline Aravicius, Saro Van Cleynenbreugel

What you will do

The workshop will start with a tour through Dijkspark and the Aquaponics Greenhouse in which Saro wil give a thorough introduction into the aquaponics system. What are the advantages of this ecosystem? how does it work? what plants can you grow in it? and how can you build it yourself?  After the introduction, you will build a mini version of the system to get a good understanding of the materials, building techniques, and the inner workings. You will leave the workshop with all the know-how to build your own aquaponic garden at home, and to start growing plants in a sustainable way! (We are recycling this workshops materials, so you won't take the miniponics system home) 

What is aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the cultivation of fish and plants together symbiotically in a constructed, circulating ecosystem. Natural bacterial processes transform fish excrements into nutrients for the plants. This is an environmentally friendly method, replicating and accelerating the biological processes found in lakes and ponds. 
Aquaponics makes use of the best characteristics from both aquaculture and hydroculture, reducing water usage and manual filtration, and offering the possibility to grow exotic and wonderful plants within an urban environment. A large-scale aquaponics system is set up  at Mediamatic's Biotoop. 

Saro van Cleynenbreugel

Saro is coördinating the Aquaponics project at Mediamatic. In 2014 we started to build the aquaponic system and since then Saro has strongly contributed to transform the system into a serious urban oase in which we conduct research into the urban farming system, and grow herbs and vegetables for our restaurant. He says: "I prefer working on projects that evolve the consciousness on this planet. I know we can do better. We just have to realize the importance and the logic of doing so". 


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28th of August, 12:00-16:30
We maintain a minimum of 6 participants.
Please note that, unless everyone speaks Dutch, this workshop will be held in English.
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