Grieving, Healing, Laughing

Project Presentation with Qiaochu Guo, Sophia Schullan, Ginevra Petrozzi and Cecilia Casabona

23 Feb 2023

As our lives are eminently filled with times of grief, pain and loss, three artists suggest ways to navigate our pain. How do we heal after a loss? Can other people help? Is it fair to still have fun? These artists share their experience of introducing healing rituals as a means to process their distress, showing us different healing approaches that may stimulate new ways to recover.


Morphology of Sprout Leaves detail3 - Form der Keimblätter ca. 1850 German lithograph ca 1850 courtesy Wellcome Collection Publication: M. Formerg, Blattformen Tafel 1 : Lithographie, druck u. verlag von C. C. Meinhold & Sōhne, Dresden c. 1850 Lettering transcription: Kirsche - Prunus Cerasus, Storchschnabel - Geranium pratense, Petersilie - Petroselinum sativum, Kiefer - Pinus sylvestris Reference: Wellcome Library no. 28434i

 Come join the second edition of our Penny for your Thoughts Presentations, where makers, designers and artists present new ideas and future project plans!

Requiem for my mother's data

Ginevra Petrozzi and Cecilia Casabona's work explores contemporary issues around care, futurity and algorithmic governance. Their project, Requiem for my mother’s Data, investigates ways to restore our relationship with technology while also addressing topics such as loss and grief in the digital age. 


Digital Esoterism, 2021 - Design Academy Eindhoven, Ph: Pierre Castignola This image is part of the project proposal  Requiem for my mother's Data Ginevra Petrozzi


Twining the Underneath

After having migrated, Qiaochu Guo, found comfort in the practice of moxibustion as it bridged the distance between their current living environment and their roots in China. With Twining the underneath, they want to transmit this technique to a wider audience, opening a discussion about the relationship between the self and what surrounds it.


Qiaochu_Guo_Twinning_the_Underneath - Credits to : Qiaochu Guo


Form Follows Fun

Sophia Schullan infuses her works with a strong sense of humour. Form Follows Fun provides people with tools to introduce playfulness in mundane life and displays an avenue to find amusement in their surroundings even during difficult times. 




PlayfulDishes - credits: Sophia Schullan.jpg Sophia Schullan


Grieving, Healing, Laughing
Thursday, the 23rd of February 2023
20:00 - 21:30


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€12,50 | Student / Artist / Stadspas*
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