Bulletproof Skin and growing Mycelium Lamps

Biotalk 01 - with Jalila Essaïdi and Jonas Edvard

9 Apr 2014

A spider silk thread is relatively much stronger than steel. Jalila Essaïdi explores this capability in relation to our sense of safety. What if human skin would be able to produce this thread, would it be possible to be protected from bullets? Could there be such a thing as bulletproof skin and what consequences would it have?

Jonas Edvard created a sustainable growing mushroom-mycelium lamp: the MYX Lamp. The living lamp-shaped texture provides you with Oyster mushrooms after 2 weeks. What remains after harvesting is the waste product, a beautiful lightweight material that is organic, sustainable and compostable.


MYX Lamp by Jonas Edvard - Mushroom-mycelium lamp, 2013 Jonas Edvard

Bio Industry

This event is part of Mediamatic Bio Industry, a bio-cultural lab exploring the possibilities of fungal material and other bio-based materials for design, science and art. The Mediamatic Bio-talks is a monthly lecture series that invites artists and designers to present and elaborate on their work concerning bio-based research and design.


Entrance with a valid Mediamatic Membership (€5,- for 9 weeks)
Location: Mediamatic Factory, VOC-kade 10, Van Gendthallen Amsterdam
Presentations start at 20.00

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