14 Jul 2002
25 Aug 2002

An exhibition that activates the treshold, taking a perspective from the inside out and from the outside in.

Laying out lines and traces between outside to the inside, between the city and the art space, the social space of the café and the exhibition space, between public and private space, this exhibition ties, separates and bounces back and forth. Evolving over 6 weeks with works, temporary events and performances linking the art space to the social space of the city and of the ether of radio and television, thresholding will be registered in its course in a weekly appearing catalogue.

With special opening events:
Real Time Thresholding by Cilia Erens

Stalkshow performance of installation by Karen Lancel

Waiting Again, live installation by Danielle van Vree

Radio Threshold presents live acts from Personal Propaganda Unit,
Boca Raton, Pirate Bart and Pirate Herrie plus surprise guests.

For Tresholding events during this summer: