A performance workshop with the Dogs Of Shame (Wayne Horse and Abner Preis).

11 Apr 2010
11 Apr 2010

On sunday the 11th of April from 20.00 hours, the Dogs Of Shame will be giving a workshop / performance about tattoos, hip-hop, and video making. Mc It, Mc It and DJ Chrispy D invite yall to join dem.


Screenshot taken from Wayne's website . -

What's going on?

Have you ever wanted to look like 50 cent, chizzled and all tatted up? Well.... this is your chance. The evening will start with a Tattsesh. A LIVE AIRBRUSH TATTOO sesh!!!! You can't miss it - customized tatts --YO YO YO.

Have you ever wanted to rap like Snoop Dogg, or Ol' Dirty Basterd? Or look cool and tough like FlavaFlav? Well, after the tattsesh, we are gunna have a rap sesh - a workshop about rapping - you will rap like LIL Wayne within 4 minuts, WE GUARANTEE IT!

Video rap star

After you have been all tatted-up and learned in the art of rapin and attitude- we are gunna make a big ass rap video. It's going to be off the chizain.

  • 20:00 - Start of pimping and tattsesh
  • 21:00 - Rap attitude lessons
  • 22:00 - Making the video

YO! you better chek yo sef befo u git a kap in dat az.


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