Mediamatic Foundation

Art, New Tech and Society

Mediamatic Foundation is a cultural institution. We are interested in cultural developments that go hand in hand with new technologies, and in new technologies that cause cultural development.

We organize exhibitions, salons, lectures, workshops and screenings. We develop software and art projects, and are an on-again, off-again publishing house.

Mediamatic Lab our affiliate organization has stopped developing web sites. This service has been moved to


mediamatic dijkspark - a view of the waterside with our greenhouse cafe and terras offers an overview of our events combined with news and theory. Its content is managed by anyMeta. The topical is combined with heritage in a sometimes fuzzy, but always surprising way. We've built it our selves with our tool Anymeta. (since 2013 Anymeta is maintained by Driebit.

Mediamatic was founded in 1983 as a meeting place and forum for new media- and video artists. In 1985 we launched Mediamatic Magazine, a bilingual, international journal that we published on paper till 1999. In 1993 Mediamatic started publishing a now famous series of CD-ROMs. Mediamatic has been present on the WWW since 1993, and has since combined a strong online presence with physical projects for and by communities in the Netherlands and abroad.

In the 21st Century we started to work with food and living organisms more and more. By 2014 almost all our projects are dedicated to the new challenges of working with living organisms.

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