Mediamatic Salon on Monday the 11th of April at 8 pm

11 Apr 2005
11 Apr 2005

A heartbreaking salon on the rebuilding of the broken relationships in former Yugoslavia.


Videoletters @ Mediamatic Salon -


Documentary makers Katarina Rejger and Eric van den Broek took their cameras through former Yugoslavia. They filmed people that had the courage to submit videos of themselves to find the people they lost contact with during the war.
For 20 broken relationships they transported videoletters back and forth over the borders of nationality, race, religion, fear and shame. Starting on the 7th of April, their documentaries will be aired on the 7 public channels of all the countries of former Yugoslavia. They are so touching that even the channel's directors themselves publicly cry when they are screened.

The videoletters are not only touching, but give hope and inspiration. They make you want to help, to do something. Mediamatic Lab made a new which will go online on the 7th of April 2005. A do-it-yourself reconciliation network. Surroundings to find back old friends, to share images and stories, and to discuss the past and the future. European social software. Software to rewrite history.
Katharina Birkenbach presented the website.


Not all the Yugoslavians are Buddhists. has the unique combination of lots of users and even more past grudges. And what can you do about and escalating fight on virtual grounds? A new DIY regulating system was designed especially for this. AnyJury is a court of law made by the users on the internet. All users or visitors can signal crudity and lost etiquette. When that happens a lottery appoints jury of fellow users, who decide what must happen. Anonymously, in multiple languages and with the possibility to appeal.
Willem Velthoven presented AnyJury.


Dj mps PILOT is mixing traditional Balkan music with Dance, Drum ’n Bass, 2 Step & R’n B styles.


Post CS Building, Club 11

The salon is partly funded by gemeente Amsterdam