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European Public Space

14 | 15 | 16 | 17 September 2005

14 Sep 2005
17 Sep 2005

In three and a half days, fifteen young journalists from European quality newspapers will discuss and analyse possible angles for journalists to treat Europe as a cultural and political theme in the context of a changing media landscape. The workshop is the first of a series of workshops that will take place in different European countries over the coming years.


These workshops are made possible with the support of the MEDIA PLUS PROGRAMME of the European Community. -

The workshop process is framed by the questions: How can quality journalism contribute to the development of European public space for debate? What is the role and responsibility of journalists towards Europe, given the currently available means? What and where is Europe?


The workshop will take three and a half days. Each day has a specific theme. Day One is named European Public Space, and looks into the nature of European public spaces, its (new) actors and factors, and the possible role for good journalism in it. Day Two is themed Dilemmas of journalists in the current media landscape. This day is about the changing role and means of journalists a media landscape that is increasingly dominated by two-directional media, which poses questions with regards to accountability and the responsibilities of journalists. Day Three is called Narratives, and explores the construction of stories, shared symbols, the relations between issue and story, and relations between perspectives and audiences.

Goal of the workshop

The goals of this workshop are to facilitate discussion about Europe; to search basis for cooperation in the day-to-day work between young European journalists; facilitate discussion on Europe among journalists and to contribute to the emergence of a European public space by offering a platform for sharing ideas and concrete articles.

Target group

This workshop is designed for fifteen young journalists from European quality newspapers.


If you want to participate at this workshop, please contact ECF


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