Forgive me

a film by Cyrus Frisch

1 Jan 2005
31 Dec 2005

A Mediamatic screening of the film by Cyrus Frisch, in which the method actors were heavyweight addicts and the story was an intentional double of a play and borderlines on that which is wrong.


Vergeef me, Cyrus Frisch - Mediamatic Salon December 2005

Forgive me is the film adaptation of Cyrus Frisch's controversional play Jesus/Lover, which was performed by HARDDRUG ADDICTS and ALCOHOLISTS. Frisch first plays with the actors, to later be able to find the enraged viewer who is getting worked up because it is wrong, what I am doing here.

This film with Frisch as Jesus disguised as Jerry Springer is not light on the stomach. But those who can take it will get to know some extraordinary people - even the angry ones.

Forgive me (Vergeef me) by Cyrus Frisch was released on DVD by Reel23.

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