Self Representation Kick Off

Beauty Parlour #1

17 Jan 2008
17 Jan 2008

Beauty Parlour was a public meeting in preparation of a ikikik! (mememe!). ikikik! was an exhibition about self-representation on the net. Instead of shopping all day long just to find the perfect outfit, we asked ourselves how we can enhance our digital self representation.

Two things were important:
1. How to improve myself
2. How to present myself

People are Googled and Facebooked all the time. The Beauty Parlour series was all about how to optimize, fashionize and style the images that POP UP on the searchers screens.


Awesome pink Poodle! at Mediamatic - Siegfried & Roy unternehmen eine Pilgerfahrt in den Vatikan und treffen den Papst.jpg

Two lectures were held this evening. Katja Novitskova gave an introduction on self representation. For more about Katja, please visit her website. George Beentjes presented some very interesting applications of injectables.

60% of the users of search engines don't look further than the first page, 90% comes to page 3. About 80% of the users that type their name on the internet, find themselves. In more than one out of three cases the page they find is indeed about themselves, but in all the other cases it's information about someone else with the same name. But how accurate is the information that is found on the internet and how easy can it be manipulated?

A lot of people Google new acquainted friends. 27 % does this with business contacts, 15% with private contacts. Most human resource managers use the internet to check people. Perhaps it's wise not to only buy nice business suits but also have a digital business suit.

Go to this website for more about self representation.