Interactive installation Luis Rodil-Fernandez, Seth Hunter, Axel Roest, Saro Van Cleynenbreugel 1 Jan 2010


21st century staring contest

IkStaar brings old-fashioned staring contests into the 21st century. Two people sit down opposite each other. Two PlayStatoin Eyes register which participant blinks first. A video is made of the loser's facial expression and projected on the wall.


18-11-2010 ikStaar installation - Dev Camp ’10 - Luis and Seth are staring on each other, the ikStaar installation can measure who looses the eye contact first. The ikStaar was developed during Dev Camp 2010 at Mediamatic Bank, Amsterdam. The glue with the blue glasses is Luis, one of the developers. Sensor Fest, 23 t/m 25 november 2010. This year's theme is 'IkSentric' design. The idea is to measure human behavior and human 'output'. Think along the lines of bio-mapping, or measuring weight and length. But we can go a bit deeper as well, and… Robert Keil

How does it work?

Hold your ikTag in front of the RFID-reader. The system will look up your Mediamatic profile. The game starts when the flashing red LED's turn green. Two PlayStation Eyes function as referees. They're pointed at the participants' faces, and will immediately be able to tell when a player blinks. When one of them does, the LEDs will start flashing violently, and a camera will record the emotional response expressed by the loser. This recording will be projected on the wall in a raster consisting of twelve different clips.

Developed during Dev Camp 2010 at Mediamatic Bank, Amsterdam.