Interactive installation Mark Wubben, Dirk van Oosterbosch, Eelco Wagenaar, Marie-Anne Huiskamp, Theodore Watson, PIPS:Lab 1 Jan 2010


Write on Wall physical digital graffiti wall

Draw on the Wow! using the light from your cell phone, cigarette bud etc. Upload the images to your online profile(s) and share them with your friends. The Wow! can be projected onto any surface, creating a physical digital graffiti wall wherever you like.


Wow! Painting at 22:04 - Carsten

With: Carsten

How does it work?

The Write On Wall physical digital graffiti wall can be projected onto any surface. To start using the installation, all you do is simply turn on a light source and start moving it in front of the opaque window. By swiping the RFID-reader mounted on the wall with your RFID tag you'll freeze the image. Now you can post the results to your profile, and share your piece with your online network. If your mediamatic profile is linked to your Facebook profile, the piece will be posted to your wall. However, if it looks like crap and you'd like to start over, you can also delete the image at this point.

How was it made?

The installation consists of a camera on one side of the window, which receives the light from your light source coming from the other side of the window. The camera sends this data to a computer which processes the information. The processed images are then sent to the projector, which beams the light source back onto the window. The illusion is created that you're drawing on the wall.