Mediamatic Magazine Vol. 7#3/4 CD-ROM 1 Jan 1994

BlindRom v.0.9 The Prototype


The Blind Trust (pub), Blind Vol.3: Final: (DEF/*): BlindRom™ v.0.9 - The Prototype, Mac CD-Rom | Mixed-Mode, Amsterdam, BCD2811 © 1993 , together with Mediamatic Foundation (pub), Vol7#3/4 The End of Advertising Issue, Amsterdam 1994, issn 09 207 86 4

BLIND UPDATE CD-ROM Vol3: (Def/*): ca. 1993. It's a magazine. BLINDROM v.0.9 is a fusion of Art, Mayhem and Music. PRODUCED and created by Gerald Van Der Kaap. ORIGINAL music by Leo "Anemaet". VISUAL constructed, pre-produced & programmed at Kaap Kobo Amsterdam. SOUND produced, arrangrd and created by Leo "Anemaet". TRACK information/1. BlindRom™ v.0.9 [cd. 140Mb]/ BOOT Slam Start Up Manager: text by Juan de la Cruz, Jacob Groot, Gerald Van Der Kaap. [HOME} LEFT voice by Kaapmens. RIGHT voice by Nat Finkelstein. FUCK Against Aids by Spurt Hypnotisers. KRIEG pics, BLACKHOLE device and MEMORY extension device by Gerald Van Der Kaap. [HOMEGIRLS} INDIAN journey by Desiree Dolron. MASKS by Linda van Deursen. MONHOOQ by Isabella Z. [CHANNEL1} E-MAN animates by Micha Klein. [CHANNEL2} RECONSTRUCT (1.0) by Joan Heemskerk. BRAIN 5.1 (Fuji Hoverty) & BRAIN 5.1 (Test Hoverty) by Gerald Van Der Kaap. <Produced at Artlab Tokyo. Engineer: Shigeki Yamada> [CHANNEL3} (the movie channel) THE Leader by Anonymous. DIARRHOEA received thru cable. CLIMBING Fujiyama by Leo "Anemaet". FACE to Face by Paul Groot. NO Chill Cave. CALLS at grey dots. [CHANNEL4} (hack-box™ ) HAKKEN! Anders hak ik je kop er af! THREE songs by Herman Gorter. DELIVERED by Jacob Groot. CHECK for moving secret bitton. DIRTY Psychosis Daiko <samples> by PP & ST: Bloddy Cow <Terror! BC009>. [THE LIBRARY} THE Chalkwhite Child. THE Electronic Book. PRODUCED and created by Paul Groot. POWERBOOK compatible. [Dutch HitlerDevice™} PERFORMED by Pochi. [ADVERTISERS'INDEX} ST Disco 93 <Deep Posse>: Friday's at Roxy Amsterdam >HOME. MEDIAMATIC Interactive > NOT BLIND (External Alias) [THANK YOU} WILLEM Velthoven <XR device> /MARI Soppela <NM roll-over> /CHRIS Remie <Eggroll ('LOEMPIA') Ordering Auto-Doaler>+ <Additional device loading>: ALL at Mediamatic. OSCAR <Golddisc>. MEDIAMATIC I.P. for hard- & soft -shareware. VOYAGER COMPANY for their GoCodes/ 2. BRAIN(Total Hoverty) */ MUSIC produced & arrangged by Leo "Anemaet". TEXT by Juan de le Cruz. VOICE of Jacob Groot. 3D-REWORK by Henri Kawahara./ 3. Brain(Fix) */ MUSIC produced & arranged by Leo "Anemaet". TEXT by Gerald Van Der Kaap & Hiroo Yamagata. VOICE of Yukiko Shikata & Yuliteru Nanase./ 4.Boot Slam */ MUSIC produced & arranged by Leo "Anemaet". [SIR...SIRE...SYRINGE...SYRINX...SISTER...SECRET NIGHT...DIE INTO ME...BOOTSLAM ME TONITE.}


Welcome image of the "BlindRom v.0.9" -

Produce by Gerald Van Der Kaap.Original music by Leo Anemaet

BlindRom was published by The Blind Trust in 1993 (#BCD2811). It was the last issue of > "Blind. It's a magazine!" BlindRom first run of 3000 copies included a copy of
Mediamatic magazine (the End of Advertising Issue). So BlindRom & Mediamatic were
two seperate things distributed together. - Gerald Van Der Kaap

To see more info please go to Artist personal website : BlindRom v0.9 - The Prototype

Archive Diary

18-11-2014/ Joyce Chen

Try to Launch on both emulator (BasiliskII/OS753 and Sheepshaver/OS9), both not working. Looks like something wrong when making the image file of the CD-ROM.

30-10-2014/ Joyce Chen

Visited the hacker space Hack42 in Arnhem, launched the “BlindRom v.0.9” on Macintosh all-in-one computer Performa 5300 (1994).
Resolution is better.

25-09-2014/ Joyce Chen

Launched the “BlindRom v.0.9” on iMac G4 (2002), require more memory.

25-09-2014/ Joyce Chen
  • Identified the iMac G4 model number, and Installed Mac OS 9.2.2
  • burn a bootable os9 install disk especially for iMac G4
08-2014/ Joyce Chen
  • Bought two iMacG4 with OSX and classic mode, but we failed to get the previous user personal password.
  • Having trouble reinstalling os9, burned couple of bootable cd-rom of OS9, but not working.

iMac G4 released in January 2002, the one we have comes with 800MHz G4 processor 512MB RAM a 60GB hard drive and CD RW DVD R Super Drive.


Cover of "BlindRom v.0.9 The prototype" cd-rom - BLINDROM is a fusion of Art and Music. All in 0/1. From poverty to total hoverty. Produce by Gerald Van Der Kaap Original music by Leo "Anemaet" Joyce Chen_陳禹先