The Snail Chase is ON!

Snail hunt with Wietske Maas. September 8, 2010

8 Sep 2010

We set up a giant sidewalk snail farm in the Mediamatic vitrines along Vijzelstraat in preparation for the Noord opening on Friday, September 10, 2010. All we needed was a little help.


Snail chase in the park - Bas van den Broeke


Armies of school children were conscripted to collect snails from the dark hollows, and under the circumspect lettuce leaves around the volkstuin zones of Amsterdam Noord.

To collect even more snails, Wietske organized a snail hunt evening where snail experts and amateurs alike convened to hunt snails: luring them with beer and waiting for them to arrive, or actively looking under stones with a flashlight.

We met at Buitenzorg Volkstuin, Zamenhofstraat 41, Amsterdam-Noord, at 19:30. A snail expert told us some interesting trivia about the common garden snail and Wieske provided beer and containers for the snails. Participants received an invitation to the dinner on October 9th.