Bamboo Building Bash

Build architectural constructions of bamboo around a wooden bicycle track

24 Sep 2010
24 Sep 2010

A three day event parallel to Picnic 2010 at the Westergasfabriek terrain in Amsterdam. Lead by bamboo artist Antoon Versteegde and Dus Architects. Come and build a bamboo city with us. Please RSVP for one of the three days. September 22, 23 or 24.


Inside the structure - Deborah M. Kōdō


The workshop is built up around an indoor bicycle track (that some of you might know from our 'Sur Place' exhibition). This track, commissioned by Mediamatic, was designed by Dus Architects. The track will serve as the 'city-ring'. Around it we'll create an urban bamboo landscape. Every hour you'll see the structure grow, until it's a massive bamboo-constructed city.