Caspar Menkman

Day 4: Scream by Scream getting closer


These guys are straight shooters. Where other concepts transformed, mutated and changed over time, the ideas behind their project more or less stayed the same.


ikScream ear - Styrofoam ear for the ikScream installation. Robert Keil

There are a lot of ears lying around the Mediamatic Bank waiting to be shouted in. The physical construction of the installation is really coming together and the team does not look worried with the ever approaching deadline slowly emerging over the horizon.

When using the installation you should identify yourself with your ikTag. Much like the use of the ikCams that are hanging around the exhibition space, you will then see a countdown from 5. Reaching 0 the user is supposed to scream and when a certain db is exceeded a camera and microphone will record the shout. Once the scream again passes the threshold the camera and microphone will stop and on the screen adjacent to the installation you will see your scream together with all of the past users of the ikScream.

As the hardware is taking shape the software is slowly but steadily turning into the last hurdle the team is faced with. Incorporating all of the functions necessary is a grand task, but even that is tackled one step at a time.