Caspar Menkman

Night Owls

Dev Camp Day 4

I always thought Hackers were night owls. I assumed I would be entering a vacant space at 10 in the morning during this Dev Camp. I could not be more wrong: when I come in I am greeted by the mouthwatering smell of pancakes.


Peter is making ikSentric pancakes - Peter is not only good in explaining what anymeta is, he also makes great banana pancakes.

The projects are getting closer to completion every second and this is mainly due to a great amount of commitment by the teams. When my work day starts the hackers are already busy discussing the hardships their projects present them over breakfast and when I leave the room it is still full of people soldering, coding and carpentering.

Day 4 is starting and I just had a pancake. Hackers are not just night owls. They are day owls too.