Caspar Menkman

Day 4: Interactive race against the Clock

Interactive VJ

Crowd sourced visuals will set the atmosphere alight at future parties in Paradiso.


Sicco and Kendra work on the Interavtive VJ - These are the LED sticks that will become the glow sticks that will be used to control the visuals. Robert Keil

By registering to the Mediamatic network you are free to add as many images as you like. The team is working on an installation that will make it possible to project these pictures on one of the big screens at Paradiso during an event. To share a picture you simply have to send a text message to the server and moment later the image will be projected on the screen for all of Paradiso to enjoy. These elements can then be transformed with glowsticks armed with a infrared light source that will be distributed between attendees. By (cooperatively) shaking and playing with it the attendees are able to change the properties of the images on screen. All these movements are captured by a infrared camera that will be hanging from the ceiling and transferring the data to a computer which in turn sends the information out to the projector.

With just 1.5 day to go the team is already resigned to pulling off at least one all-nighter. While they already have the infrared camera working to detect and react to the movement of the glowsticks they are well aware of the things to improve up on/watch out for. Mainly there are worries about the height of the Paradiso ceiling. As the ceiling is really high there are doubts about the range of transmission done through infrared. Also they are busy figuring out ways to get the options to modify the images more visually pleasing.

2 days to go. It is getting more exciting every second!