BarCamp Amsterdam II

For all those awesome geeks and nerds out there!

19 May 2006
21 May 2006

Another Barcamp sprung up while Amsterdam was still full of coders after Xtech, so that the folk had a place to migrate to, set up their laptops and showed each other the ideas they didn't manage to talk about before.


fire - BarCamp Amsterdam 2, Mediamatic, May 2006

Let's go camping! but just a wee bit different...

The BarCamp was what happens when a handful of geeks decide they want to do a conference their own way. The result was an open grid for signing up impromptu presentations, breakout sessions popping up in hallways and at the coffee machine, and people setting up a temporary workspace where the writing of their code can be assisted by all kinds of newly met experts.

Everyone was welcome to show up and sign up for a presentational time slot. The Amsterdam Barcamp # 1 was graced by Plazes, Drupal, Bryght, Jabber and AnyMeta.

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