Annelies de Bruine


halal sausages and me.jpg - 5 December was my last day at el HEMA. Sad to leave but happy to go on holiday to Sydney. I really enjoyed working at el HEMA and it is not my style not to finish a project, but I didn't want to refuse myself some sunshine in the winter. So off on a plane for Xmas and NYE down under...

My drive is fuelled by progress and innovation. I enjoy being part of a creative team developing new technologies. I am a global citizen and I care about the world around me.

Thanks to all el HEMA volunteers for good times, hard work and shared memories. Thank you Aida, Derk-Peter, Ana, Hassan, Nora, Erga, Eaman, Ricardo, Federico, Martina, Lotte, Fabio, Eshly, Mareen, Kaoutar, Mariska, Vasthi, Yuki, Serena, Jolien, Mareen, Catherine, Iva, Ivan, Duki, Leone, Kelsie, Taylor, Libby, Ryanne, Zaphira, Ulma, Prima, Anna, Anne, Sarah, Mels, Rudi, Kasia, Farida, Richelle, Samya, Zara, Katja, , Mourad, Helen, Marieke, Madelon, Mandy and of course Barbara and Saba!