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Heleen Groenendijk

Creative Producer in Mixed Media

As i believe that stories organize our memories, enable us to relate to people, and help us to understand complex concepts, i especially like to work on anything where narration/storytelling is involved and meets interactivity.

From my experience in numerous animation, game and web productions i have learned to see their seperate, as well as their combined value. With this knowledge i can develop a project from idea into concept, starting from acknowledging the accurate (cross) media tools for the message to be delivered.

I think that people in business have a lot to learn about the power of stories. They have the ability to explain the world as we’d like it to be. In business, that might be a product that could change the world.

For leading a project into final result, i know how to define and involve the right media professionals from my large network, where quality stands as the keyword. (to recruit the people and capital you’ll need, it takes a story that will make it meaningful to others:).

- Stories are a unique survival tool for showing us rather than telling us how the world works, yet the best stories are the ones that engage people on a deeper level.-

Analysing, concepting (storytelling & script - editing), involving, inspiring. ..