Book: Patrick Harding 1 Jan 2008

Collins Mushroom Miscellany

A compilation of fungal facts

Mushroom collecting is becoming increasingly popular, and while a comprehensive identification guide is essential, the folklore, facts and fables, recipes and stories that have accumulated since ancient times create part of the charm of these strange organisms. Oddly, these facts have never been compiled in one book.


Cover Mushroom Miscellany - Authorr: Patrick Harding, 2008. Part of the Paddestoelen Paradijs Bibliotheek.

Collins Mushroom Miscellany is a compilation of all of the fascinating biological facts about fungus, including that a mushroom holds the record for the largest spreading single organism covering nearly 3km. There is also folklore like the widespread belief that mushrooms arise from falling stars. The uses for mushrooms are far more diverse then we had imagined, with tree moss lichen being found in most modern perfumes. Historically, fungus have been around longer then animals, and the Neolithic Ice-Man found in Europe in 1990 carried two types of fungus; one for use as tinder, but another mounted on a leather thong remains undecided. Additionally, the book features the most widely used recipes for cooking mushrooms from around the world. Mushroom Miscellany is a veritable treasure trove of fascinating facts -- a perfect introduction to the third kingdom of fungi and an essential companion to every mushroom field guide.