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Taking the word media in its original meaning: the intervening substance through which impressions are conveyed to the senses, or a force acting upon objects from a distance. Melanie Bonajo and Kinga Kielczynska will concentrate on the natural ability of human beings to communicate in extra ordinary ways by listening and connecting with each other through the senses. Hereby questioning the modern automated extensions and mechanical ways of communication connected as an extention to the human body.

MediumMatic: 5 days of alternative communication.

everyday in the morning: Coffee Tasseography or dream interpretation and Blessing the Day Ritual
in the evening: various activities: peformances, rituals, screenings, concerts, a seance

07.05. Woensdag:
"The art of permanent laughter"
1.Ritual Energy Cleaning of the space.
2.The Art of Laughing.
Laughing meditation workshop with Dhyan Sutorius, arts van het Centrum ter Bevordering van het Lachen te Duivendrecht.

08.05. Donderdag
during the day: ghost photography


19.30-20.30 A medium is going to create a connection with the world of spirits, that is an invisible world for most humans. You are kindly requested to bring objects that belong to deceased people.
20.45-21.00. A short lecture on the Capuccini Catacombs in Palermo/Sicilia with the photographs of Fiona Volquardsen
21.00- 22.30 Screening of ghost footage.

09.05. Vrijdag
"Trans Travelling"
during the day: trans dancing video making.

20.00- 20.30 Ritual trance journey performance.
20.30-22.00 Screening:
a movie about Carl Gustav Jung.
a video by Julia Kasprzak with the lecture of Allan Watts.

10.05. Zaterdag
All day long free group massage by 5 holistic massage therapists.
Hypnosis +Seance + Cleaning ritual + DJ+ Pillow fight

11.05. Zondag
Panthomiem concert - Janneke Raapohorst
Sound presentation by Frank Mannens.
Elke klankschaal heeft een eigen karakter, toonzetting en klankkleur. Bij het bespelen van de schaal ontstaat een langdurige klank, rijk aan boventoonresonanties met trillingspatronen en specifieke zwevingen. Ik gebruik de klankschalen om de rustgevende klanken te laten ervaren. Klankschalen werken ontspannend, genezend. Een klankschaal brengt iedereen daar, waar ie hoort te zijn.

21.0-22.00 "Chansons pour dormir" concert of Marie Nuit

Preformances will start promptly on time and late commers will not be admitted. You can join in during break inbetween.

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