David Jablonowski: USER

An exhibition, installation, close inquiry in the persona of the 'user'

2 Jun 2012
21 Jul 2012

A sculptural installation in which a dense tissue of references to and direct physical quotations of our media histories, hardware and software devices, protocols and online marketing strategies are combined with the everyday.


David Jablonowski: USER - David Jablonowski


‘A user is an agent, either a human agent (end-user) or software agent, who uses a computer or network service. A user often has a user account and is identified by a username (also user name). Other terms for username include login name, screen name (also screenname), nickname (also nick), or handle, which is derived from the identical Citizen's Band radio term.
Users are also widely characterized as the class of people that use a system without complete technical expertise required to understand the system fully. In hacker-related contexts, such users are also divided into lusers and power users.'

David Jablonowski

n Jablonowski’s exhibition his/her language is juxtaposed to and at the same time merged with the language of the sculptor. He/she is present in the finger traces left on a touch screen and captured in a slide show ; or on delicate aluminum plates combined with a calligraphy, a different, earlier, type of writing ; he/she appears in two video screenings of a.o. Dough Engelbart, internet pioneer and inventor of the computer mouse. By way of an interlude, Jablonowski highlights the work of Michael Corris, of Art & Language, through several of his books, representing a different language strategy. Check out more about the artist here.

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Opening: June 2nd, 5pm- 7pm
Gallery opened: Tuesday - Saturday, 13pm - 18pm