Opening Kers Gallery

with works of Hanan Klei

21 Jun 2012

De Kers Gallery will be opened officially! Concurrently the exposition Anger Management or Shamanism by Hanan Klei will be opened.



Kers Gallery

The primary aim of Kers Gallery is to offer talented young artists the opportunity to exhibit alongside more established artists. The gallery will also seek to involve the wider community by offering a series of talks and workshops run by exhibiting artists. Furthermore, a number of performances are planned for the coming months, with a variety of exciting artists and performers.

Hanan Klei

Mostly Klei paints portraits. Klei investigates the non-revealing characteristics of the portrait as classically perceived. Hence the images she depicts might seem like masks. Faces, countenances, miens, smiles, glances: as they convey information at the same time they impede the other person to get into real contact with the depicted. How much can we tell from a person depicted in one shot, with one brush, by one single painter?

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Entrance: Free
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