Mediamatic @ Transnatural

7 September - 7 October 2012

Transnatural explores the interactions between technology and ecology. During the opening day of the festival we’ll be building an aquaponics tower at NEMO, hopefully with your help. The tower will be included in the exhibition. As a festival partner we are also organizing a number of mushroom workshops.


Grow your own mushrooms workshop - Deze workshop heeft plaatsgevonden tijdens de Paddestoelen Paradijs tentoonstelling. Mensen hebben stap voor stap geleerd hoe ze zelf thuis paddestoelen kunnen kweken. Deze foto is genomen in de cleanroom, een speciale steriele ruimte waar de kans op besmetting met andere schimmels en bacteriën minimaal is. Govert de Jong

Transnatural Festival 2012

Transnatural takes place from 7 September - 7 October 2012. The exhibition is on display at NEMO in Amsterdam. More information here. Through art, design and technology, new ways of harvesting food and energy are explored. New, autonomous systems and materials will be presented. Central to the festival are questions like: how can we decrease our dependability on large systems while remaining actively connected to each other?

Mediamatic is interested in how art and new technologies can help, or show us ways of, organizing ourselves in a sustainable fashion. Therefore our projects form a nice contribution to the festival.

Our workshops

On the day of the opening, September 7, Mediamatic will organize an aquaponics workshop at NEMO. Furthermore you can learn how to cultivate your own oyster mushrooms during one of the mushroom workshops on: September 12, September 19, September 27 and October 3. Click on one of the dates for more information and tickets.