Eduardo Pinillos

Communication consultor at Ibermuseus


Edu - Selfcaption Eduardo Pinillos

From Sept´09 to March´10 I was the editor of the Mediamatic Travel website. In that half a year I took care of it and kept it neat for you.

Now I live in Brasilia. After a period in the culture departments at UNESCO and the OEI (Iberoamerican States Organization), now I am a consultor in Ibermuseus Program as Responsible of Communication.

My background departs from Advertising and PR, goes through publicity Copywriting, passes by Graphic Design, stays a long while in events, cinema and spots Production and settles down in the nowadays-so-called Cultural Management.

"Yeah but, what's that?", they ask. I see it as a cake divided in Administration, Production, Programming and Theory portions. Depending on the job, these slices grow or decrease, and the more appealing ones to you increase along with your working experience. See the cake as cultural project, an institution... There are also muffins and even crumbs, but it makes no difference: all of them are susceptible to be sectioned.

I like to manage, coordinate, sort things out in the path to a goal. I like optimizing. I like systems, efficiency, observation and theorizing. I dislike disarray. I dislike despair. I like little things well arranged. I like patience. The success is just a care for the details. I love making lists and crossing them out in colours and shapes. I like being witness of empathy. I love silence and I love plants. I hate aphids.

I love Pantone 399.

Good afternoon.