Workshop: Grow magic mushrooms in our Bio Industry farm

Wednesday 18 and Friday 20 December

In this magical and experimental workshop, we will grow our own liberty caps. This mushroom contains the hallucinating substance psilocybin. During this workshop, we will make a substrate on which we can grow these mushrooms. This substrate will be infected with spores in our sterile clean room. Participants can take the infected substrate home, where, after 2 or 4 weeks, it will turn into mycelium and eventually into mushrooms. Visit our website for more information and tickets.


Psilocybe cubensis on two brown rice flour cakes - Young specimens of P. cubensis Photograph made by Joshua Hutchins, found on Mushroom Palace's website.

Mediamatic Bio Industry

This workshop is the first in a series of events that are part of the Mediamatic Bio Industry project. Mediamatic has launched a broad techno-cultural lab to explore the possibilities of fungal material for art and design. Scientist, artists, designers, architects, and the public, will together investigate how we can make use of the promising characteristics of mycelium, the plastic of the 21st century.

More information

The workshops will take place at the Mediamatic Fabriek (VOC-Kade, 10, Amsterdam) on Wednesday the 18th of December from 15:00 to 17:30 and on Friday the 20th December from 19:00 to 21:30. The workshops can be given either in Dutch or in English, depending on the participants. Participation costs 50 euro, including your own Magic Mushroom substrate. Buy a ticket for the 18th or the 20th of December. For more information please contact Rosalie Peeperkorn or call 020-6389901.