4DSOUND with Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts) - Body Echoes

11 Jan 2014

‘Body Echoes‘ is the first in a series of Artist-in-Residency performances on the 4DSOUND system.


4DSOUND with Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts) - Body Echoes -


Lucy is the nom de techno of Italian-born and Berlin-based Luca Mortellaro, one of the genre’s most exciting and ambitious DJ/producers. Since 2009, Mortellaro has focused his work through his own Stroboscopic Artefacts record label, building an imprint and personal discography that has established itself as one of electronic music’s finest.

In this project, Lucy performs in collaboration with cultural anthropologist and yoga teacher Amanda Morelli. A transcendent performance integrating traditional Eastern breathing techniques, field-recordings and the spatial dynamics of 4DSOUND.

Moving from the inner space of the performing subject to the surrounding 4DSOUND landscape, and back to the subject, breath and sound will merge in a multidimensional, collective experience.

A discussion with the artists will take place after the performance.

Date: January 11th, 2014 @ 4DSOUND Studio, Amsterdam
Limited capacity