Caspar Menkman

Day 4: Red, Red, Green


See who can look the longest at the other without blinking. Winning means eternal glory, losing everlasting humiliation.


18-11-2010 ikStaar installation - Dev Camp ’10 - Luis and Seth are staring on each other, the ikStaar installation can measure who looses the eye contact first. The ikStaar was developed during Dev Camp 2010 at Mediamatic Bank, Amsterdam. The glue with the blue glasses is Luis, one of the developers. Sensor Fest, 23 t/m 25 november 2010. This year's theme is 'IkSentric' design. The idea is to measure human behavior and human 'output'. Think along the lines of bio-mapping, or measuring weight and length. But we can go a bit deeper as well, and… Robert Keil

The game starts when the LEDs flash 2x red and then land on green. Two PlayStation Eyes function as referee. Targeted at the participants faces and a supported by a software program that is designed to recognize the blinking movement of the eye they oversee the match. When one of the contestants blinks the LEDs around the stations will start flashing violently and cameras will record the emotional response expressed by the loser.

Even though they already have a functioning blinking game going on the team still has a lot of work lying around. Firstly the different programs that have been written have to be adjusted to fit with each other. Then there is the fact that the physical frame of the project leaves something to desire. At this moment it is just a hoola-hoop on a standard decorated with a halo of LEDs. This will undoubtedly be fixed during the last day in cooperation with our ever helpful carpenters. Lastly they are still working on a way of linking the results to the anyMeta system.

The clock is ticking. It is go time.