Caspar Menkman


Dev Camp Day 2

The new more liberal minded government is chopping the cultural budget by 200 million euros. Labeling the Arts as a leftist hobby they confuse and enrage people working in the cultural sector. On the evening of the 20th of November all around the Netherlands people will start screaming for one minute. IkScream is a project that extends on this and aspires to create the biggest, loudest and longest scream ever.


Sketch of ikScream Ear -

The building of a giant ear has yet to begin, but in a couple of days this object will be on the receiving end of a ton of screams. In this ear will be a camera and a microphone that register the scream audiovisually. The information recorded will then be transferred to a system that cuts the film in a way that different recordings of screams can be put together to form one big ongoing scream. This could then be linked through RFID to someones profile-page and even gives you the opportunity to mix your scream with the scream of people you know. Also a volume meter is placed next to the ear that can introduce a competitive element to the screaming.