Exploring the new territory

First steps on Dijksgracht

On the first day of work, Dijksgracht team had a trip to the future location of Mediamatic.


Dijksgracht team assemble! -

The team took the first walk around with eager eyes. We had the chance to survey the buildings inside and out. What makes a prefect recipe for an open and collaborative space? First, you need a green barn, which can serve as a new place for aquaponics and mycelium workshops. Second, a rustic black barn, giving space for exhibitions and a supply shop for artists. At last but not least, a main building to bright eyed employees and artists, with stimulating interior design. Mix the ingredients together, add a drop of creativity, and just play with it - as some would say.

The building originally belonged to the Municipality of Amsterdam, the department for maintenance, management of bridges, tunnels and structures. Workers are still moving office equipments and furniture to their new location, which puts our moving-in date yet in mystery. Access to the building is limited for the coming weeks, as we can only enter when workers are present at the location.

Lots of work are ahead of us, but responsibilities are not yet crystallized. Ideas float in the air, and we just got to know each other. This was the first day for the team: Anna, Nina, NiNan, Luca, Mariana, and our manager Kristin.