SOLO EXHIBITION by “Forvitinn” Aris Chantzopoulos

29 Nov 2014

|| OPENING || Saturday 29th November from 20:00 pm


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This exhibition is based on the artist’s inspiration of the “birch tree” in german “birke” along with its presence in Berlin.
Using acrylics charcoals and ink mixed techniques, Forvitinn is creating a landscape where birches can been seen as the main theme, involving different kind of stories-fairytales.
Hybrids, half human-half birch tree figures, in their everyday habits, are placed in between those barks, spreading their branches trying to show us their presence. Creatures of high sexuality behavior, emotional, curious, social, lonely, eccentric, aggressive similar to what birch trees are supposed to be behaving comparing to other trees. A tree which has a kind of unique appearance, being easily spotted in a forest, has an urge to spread its seeds allover, and take over, sometimes even growing on behalf of other tree species, while it’s bark could be considered “poisonous”in a natural language,due to it’s very sharp black and white colour,
Being inspired by the behavior of that tree,”also called The Watchful Tree because of eye-like impressions on the bark”, often seen inside the city of Berlin, Forvitinn has given a combination of this unison between Berlin, sexual freedom and eccentricity in a fictional environment where the trees are always “martyrs” of people’s actions. Thus, combined in this birch tree bark-textile the everyday life, behavior, Humanity alongside Nature in Berlin, are shifted through the artists eyes into an imaginary landscape.