IGNITE: Printhesis, disgust, spirituality

Friday November 21. Food at 19:00. Speakers at 20:00.

The Ignite won't be on a Wednesday this month, but a Friday night. We will warm you up for the weekend with twelve inspiring ideas, projects or obsessions. From a 3D printed prosthesis to a church without religion and plastic from beetles. Dinner at 19:00, the first speaker will kick off at 20:00. Get your tickets here to save a few euros. Come early to see our current exhibition: Kunstformen der Natur.


What is disgusting? - Research by Merel Witteman Merel Witteman


Alexandra Hunts - nature, landscape, photography
Roel Deden - Printhesis
Jan Willem van der Straten - church without religion
Merel Witteman - disgusting things
Nicola Bozzi - Schizocities
Otto Kaan - photography
Aagje Hoekstra - plastic from beetles
Gwen Thomas - transformative music despite the digital age
Leon Bouts - transcendental living
Remy van Zandbergen - small scale print screen
Avinash Changa - virtual reality
Yoni van Oorschouw & Manon van Hoeckel - Wintervacht

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Dinner at 19:00. First speaker at 20:00. Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Pre-sale tickets are €6,- until 14:00 on the day of the event, then they go up to €8,- (includes a 9-week Club Mediamatic membership). Tickets don't include food. Get your tickets here.


23 November Kunstformen Finissage

Picture: Aversive Aesthetics by Merel Witteman

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