Reminder: Digestopians

Tonight, 20:00

Edible insects, digestible solar cells and plastic eating fungi. Take a glimps into the future of Food and Bio-design at Biotalk: Digestopians. With Austrian designer Katharina Unger from Livin Studio and Belgium artist Bart Vandeput, a.k.a. Bartaku.

For more information about the speakers read this article, browse through these endless images or check out this video. See you tonight!

Food at 19:00 (Fish Soup), Talks at 20:00


Fungi Mutarium - Edible fungi that consumes plastic Katharina Unger

Biotalk: Digestopians

Thursday January 15
Food at 19:00 (fish soup), Talks at 20:00
Mediamatic, Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
*Ticket Biotalk: €8,50 (including a Mediamatic Membership)

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