Press release

HEMA will function in the jury of the design contest for El HEMA

joint press release by HEMA and Mediamatic

Amsterdam, July 27th 2007 - During a constructive discussion HEMA and Mediamatic have agreed to allow the exhibition El HEMA to continue as planned. Marketing director René Repko from HEMA will be in the jury for the El HEMA design competition.

El Hema will remain a project by Mediamatic and Mediamatic will remain fully responsible for it. HEMA is observing the project's developments with interest and curiosity. The foundations of the project will remain unchanged. Both parties acknowledge each others' interests, and will do their best to meet them.

The HEMA supports the fact that El HEMA does not have polarizing and provoking purposes, but is aiming for cultural exchange and joint projects.

It has been agreed that El Hema is a temporary project, in which it is clean that it is about an exhibition in the form of a store and not a store made for profit. Products on display during the exhibition will not be spread outside of the context of the exhibition. Also not by HEMA.

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For questions:

Mediamatic: Willem Velthoven, tel: 06-46078777

HEMA: Jerry van den Broeke, tel: 020-3114245