Wael Morcos

Arabising Hema

The metamorphosis of the contemporary Hema to an Arabic modern El HEMA

Taking a step further in developing its brand, Hema seems to be smoothly introducing its new simplified logo on the products.
The Arabic version of the new logo was designed based on the primary El HEMA version, originally designed by Tarek Atrissi.
The difference is minor but gives the shop a more updated image. The logotype drops the blue underline and lays down on a bright square with soft round edges.


The El HEMA logo's - the first logo is designed by Huda Abifares and Tarek Atrissi, the second logo takes the design a step further to adapt it to HEMA's new corporate identity. Developed by Wael Mocros at Mediamatic Wael Morcos

The following is the final El HEMA logo with its 3 standard sizes.
The rest is exploration of the interior signage of the Hema shops.